How to Choose a Pylon Signage for Your Business?

Do you need pylons in Grande Prairie, AB? We mean pylon signs, and, yes, we can make these so your business will stand out on the landscape. You see near highway exits to alert drivers to services available at upcoming exits. The pylon signage you see on highways is huge. But locally based businesses use more scaled-down versions of pylons to good effect. You often see pylon advertising signs or their counterpart, monument signs, in towns and suburbs. Do you want to learn more about pylon signs and how to select them? If your answer is “yes,” please keep reading.

What Are Pylon Signs?

Pylon signs are not attached to buildings. Instead, they are supported by one or more piers (large posts). These support a detachable sign framework that allows the signage to be changed as needed. When it comes to pylon sign materials, most of the supporting structure is made with aluminum coverings welded to a steel frame. Sometimes, real or artificial masonry, like brick or stucco, is used instead—mainly for aesthetic reasons. In fact, there are several ways to customize the way the pole or poles are “wrapped” to disguise the steel support infrastructure. You might have seen the sleek aluminum outer coverings used by auto dealers, for example. The sign’s housing is made from acrylic or polycarbonate and contains a light fixture for illumination. The outer shell is typically UV-resistant to prevent fading from the sun. The sign itself is computer-generated for clarity and appeal.

How Much Pylon Signage Detail Should There Be?

Pylon sign design and materials don’t have room for a lot of detail. Their main advantage is high visibility from a distance, so corporate logos are more often the attention-grabbing elements than multiple words or slogans. We recommend reviewing some of the basics of creating effective signage for more ideas about pylon sign design.

What Can You Do with Pylon Advertising Signs?

Having a well-known logo is often necessary for pylon signage to achieve its mission. If people don’t recognize the logo, they aren’t likely to stop, especially if they’re just passing through on the highway. Someone needing gasoline, for instance, might recognize Petro-Canada’s stylized maple leaf because it represents a longstanding and familiar brand. But would they be as quick to recognize the logo for a brand that was introduced only months ago? Also, did you know that you can stylize your pylon sign with an LED messaging system? If a business uses this messaging system for news or weather information, for instance, it’s likely to draw people’s attention—at least briefly.

How to Choose Pylons in Grande Prairie

Now that we’ve shared some of the fundamentals of pylon signage, we hope you have a clearer idea of how to select a pylon sign for your business. It comes down to a few necessary steps:

  1. Select a pylon sign design, structure, and configuration.
  2. Hire a contractor to build the structure (if one doesn’t already exist).
  3. Have a sign shop create the signage using your logo or business name.
  4. Have the contractor erect the piers (or use existing ones) and install the sign.

It’s a relatively straightforward process. So, if you need pylons in Grande Prairie or nearby, please let us know. We will be happy to help you through the process.