Six Common Mistakes to Avoid While Choosing Business Signs

Business signage plays a crucial role in creating your business’s brand image. You can be experimental and opt for trendy signage designs. Prairie Signs have been in business since 1961. We are proud members of the Alberta Sign Association, Alberta Chamber of Commerce and the International Sign Association. We offer various signage products such as awnings, channel letters and pylons.

Your business signage can fulfill the following roles based on your business type and location:

1. Provide information
2. Persuade potential customers to visit
3. Indicate the available services and facilities
4. Show the direction of your store
5. Display safety instructions or exit signs

Common errors to avoid while designing your signages are:

1. Poor Readability – Readability decreases if the signage doesn’t contrast with the surroundings. The colour or finish of the letters on the signage should be in contrast with the colour or finish of the surface they are applied to. Make sure they don’t clash with each other which will make your signage gaudy or garish. Use a simple business logo or image.
The readability also depends upon the viewing distance of signage. For example, pedestrians at ground level won’t be comfortable while reading giant letters on the side of a building.

2. Crowded Letters – Letters should be evenly spaced on the sign. Sometimes, the letters might get closer towards the end of the sign or get wrapped awkwardly. Use a template to trace the design on to the sign to ensure space and alignment are adjusted correctly.

3. Illegible Font – The font of your signage should be legible. Classic font styles are the top choice for business signage. Even if your business is eccentric, it is better to not choose a goofy script that would be difficult to read.

4. Wrong Signage Material – The signage material should withstand extreme sun exposure and water damages or it would fade over time. UV-resistant inks are waterproof and better for outdoor use.

5. Improper Installation – Install your sign properly to ensure it not only withstands severe weather conditions but also cannot be stolen easily. Make sure the support systems such as the holders, panel support systems and clamps are strong.

6. Not Installing a Night Light – Your sign won’t be visible if it is not illuminated at night. Maximize the effectiveness of your signage by lighting it at night. LED lights are a cost-effective way to keep your signage lit around the clock.

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