How to Find the Right Fascia Sign for Your Business

A business needs a fascia sign for advertising purposes. If you have a retail business, custom signs will serve you well. Before buying one, you need to research to know which one will be the most beneficial to your business. At Prairie Signs (2000) Ltd, we guarantee quality craftsmanship and are dedicated to making signs that stand out. Our services include vehicle lettering, fascia signs, pylons, channel letters, awnings and specialty signage.

Four Tips to Choose the Right Fascia Sign

When it comes to making your business name eye-catching, you cannot make a blind choice. Instead, while getting your custom fascia sign made, you must:

1.      Keep it simple

An exceptionally designed fascia sign is bound to make a good impression on potential customers. It helps promote your business and leads to more traffic and sales. If you put up a sign that is difficult to understand, people won’t pay any attention to it. A simple yet attractive design has the potential to attract customers. A custom sign defines your brand, so make sure you choose something that lives up to your business’s integrity and passes on your brand message successfully. Less is more when it comes to advertising your brand. 

2.      Go for an attractive design

Fascia signs are available in various shapes, sizes and materials. You can also go for neon lighting; if you want, you could go for the traditional signs that are made of wood or metal and come in single solid colours. You should make the decision keeping your business type in mind. 

3.      Choose something that fits your locality

Look around and figure out the crowd that you’re trying to attract. Your neighbourhood consists of your potential customers and your fascia sign must be able to attract them. Relevance is of the essence here; the sign should stand out but not so much that it doesn’t look out-of-place in its immediate surroundings. Get a sign that attracts your potential customers and conveys the true spirit of your business.

4.      Check with the local authorities

It is crucial that you check with the local authorities if you require any kind of permit to install a fascia at your current location. Get this done before you go shopping for one. Usually, authorities have general instructions on the kind of fascia signs that are permitted in the region.  

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