The Ultimate Guide to Channel Letter Signs

If you want to get a new sign for your business, opt for channel letters. Channel letter signs are three-dimensional illuminations that are used to create words. An individual shape is used to create a letter and multiple channel letters together form a word. Channel letters are popular among businesses as they are bold and unique.

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 Types of Channel Letter Signs

1. Standard Front-Lit Channel Letters  

They are most common type of customizable channel letter signs. Each letter is fabricated using aluminum or plastic and LED or neon tubing is used as the lighting component.

2. Halo Lit or Reverse Lit Channel Letters
In this type, the front of the letter is made using aluminum and the back using acrylic. The lighting is directed towards the back due to which a halo is created around each letter.

3. Open Face Channel Letter Signs
The lighting elements such as LED or neon tubing are visible in this type of channel letters. The entire sign is made from acrylic.

4. Combination Front/Reverse Lit Channel Letters
This combines both front-lit and reverse-lit channel letters. You can use different colours for both these types of channel letters. Aluminum, acrylic and LEDs are used to create letter sides.

Methods to Mount Channel Letter Signs

1. Raceway Method
In this method, a metal box holds the letters and wiring required for the sign. The benefit of using this method is that there are fewer holes drilled on your walls. The box is painted the same colour as the building, making the letters stand out.

2. Backer Mount
Backer mount method is similar to the raceway method. Instead of a box, a backer pane holds the letters together.

3. Direct Mount
In this method, each letter is mounted individually on the building. The cost of installation is higher than both raceway and backer methods. In direct mount method, wiring and installation have to be done on individual letters, which increases the cost.

Advantages of Channel Letter Signs

• High Visibility and Brand Awareness – Channel lettering provides high visibility for your brand. With a unique sign, ample visibility and proper size of channel letters, you can increase your brand awareness.

• Durability – Both aluminum and acrylic are durable and can withstand severe weather conditions. Along with being affordable, they also require less maintenance.

• Energy Efficiency – Using LED letters provides you with more energy savings and can last up to 5 years.

• Versatile – Channel letters are versatile. You can opt for different sizes of channel letters according to your business needs.

Factors to Consider Before Installing Channel Letter Signs

• Find out if your area or building requires permits to install channel letters
• Though channel letters have a high initial cost, the maintenance costs are very low
• Along with comparing the price of the different materials used, analyze their thickness to ensure the quality is good
• Perform routine maintenance to prolong the lifespan of your channel letters
• Channel letter signs can last for 15 years with proper maintenance
• Quality LEDs can illuminate your signs for 30,000 to 50,000 hours or even longer

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